Discover MyFoodStation

Discover MyFoodStation™

Your trusted source for food industry products, services and resources

MyFoodStation™ is a Digital Media resource hub dedicated to the food service, hospitality & leisure industry. Easily find & review products and services from leading companies – product brochures, company profiles, watch informative videos, quickly link directly to manufacturers and brokers and know where to purchase products. Discover helpful resources, reputable Magazine links, Blogs, find exclusive offers or rebates and learn a wide range of profitable, sales-boosting ideas! The perfect venue to display, market and inform customers about valuable products and services – all at your fingertips and at your convenience. Grow your business with this all-in-one business tool. 

For Restaurants & Hospitality

MyFoodStation™: a one-stop portal to products, information and savings

  • See new products and what’s trending in the marketplace
  • Review products, point-of-sale specs, the latest marketing tools and best practices
  • Find local products and producers
  • Access to tools, insights and training links to improve results
  • Learn product histories, case studies and marketing solutions
  • Special editorial features of interest to all
  • Expert serving advice, valuable chef tips and more
  • Exclusive promotions and rebates
  • All content stored and archived; find your favorites
  • Instantly share and send items to colleagues and staff
  • Shop directly from our E-commerce site

For Advertisers & Suppliers

Marketing your products with follow-through – and follow-up

  • Project and communicate a consistent and accurate message at all times
  • Effective and valuable lead generator
  • Save training and selling costs – use MyFoodStation™ for online sales presentations
  • Energize staff with sales training available for review – anytime
  • Utilize for business reviews and food shows
  • Offer rebates and/or promotions online
  • Track response and views on all campaigns and sites
  • Benefit from a truly independent source to market your product
  • Get high value with excellent ROI
  • Send directly to potential buyers, distributors and brokers

For Sales & Merchandising Teams

Sharpen techniques; focus on service; save time and effort

  • Build or improve professional product presentations
  • Easy and effective lead generator when shared with customers 
  • Find crucial information when you need it
  • Help customers find solutions for success
  • Send timely information and promos quickly to customers
  • Have easy access to well-organized, comprehensive sources of information
  • Help your inside sales team promote products easily and professionally
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Share and offer rebates easily
  • Access and share industry partners’ links and websites
  • Increase your selling ROI

For Distributors & Brokers

Reaching markets with efficiency – and effectiveness

  • Share information or promo materials quickly, efficiently and easily
  • Build or improve professional product presentations
  • Utilize our sales tools – videos, specifications and other resources
  • No in-house files to store, update or maintain
  • Ensure quick access to POS and selling tips for staff and customers
  • Review products Online for new listing requests and information
  • Use for business reviews and sales presentations
  • Access to website and up-to-date information
  • Offer customers online digital rebates and special offers
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